Bob Clary <>
Version 0.24, April 18, 2002

build-web is designed to support the construction of Web Sites containing static content (not generated by server side scripts). The basic scripts are implemented in Perl and were originally inspired by the build scripts.


About build-web

build-web essentially copies a source directory tree to a destination directory tree while performing the following tasks:

By default, build-web supports two destination types: production and development.

With the appropriate environment, build-web can preprocess XML files using XSLT to produce HTML or PDF versions of documents and can post process the output to produce automatically updated Zip files or other output that is dependent on the final content.


The Source Web Site exists in the Source Physical Directory and is assumed to be written as if were located on a Web Server in the Source Web Directory of the Web Server's root directory, i.e. at URL http://server/SourceWebDirectory/.

A Destination Web Site exists in a Destination Physical Directory and has all directory references to the Source Web Subdirectory mapped to refer to a new Destination Web Directory, i.e. at URL http://server/DestinationWebDirectory/.

This arrangement makes it possible to create a working version of the Raw HTML source on a virtual web with URL http://server/SourceWebDirectory/ which lives in the Source Physical Directory and a working version of the Processed HTML source on a virtual web with URL http://server/DestinationWebDirectory/ living in the Destination Physical Directory.

Note that for multiple developers on the same server to each be able to create virtual webs for their personal Raw Source Physical Directory, separate instances of a web server must be used since each developer's Source Web will expect to live at URL http://server/SourceWebDirectory/ Multiple developers can share a single Destination Physical Directory on the same web server however.

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