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DynAPI Examples Summary

API Summary

Support File Description Source
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 browsercheck1.html Browser Check Example
+Gecko|-IE5|+NN4 buttonimage1.html Button Image Object Demo
+Gecko|-IE5|+NN4 buttonimage2-mini.html Button Image Object Demo [mini]
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 calendar1-old.html Calendar Object Demo
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 calendar1.html Calendar Object Demo
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 checkbox1.html CheckBoxes Demo 1
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 clock1.html Clock Demo
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 collapsemenu-scroll.html CollapseMenu Object Demo [scroll]
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 collapsemenu1.html CollapseMenu Object Demo 1
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 collapsemenu2.html CollapseMenu Object Demo 1
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 cookies1.html Cookie Functions
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 createdestroy1.html Dynamically Creating Layers Demo 1
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 createdestroy2.html Dynamically Creating Layers Demo 2
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 drag1.html Drag Object Demo 1
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 drag2.html Drag Object Demo 2
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 drag3.html Drag Object Demo 3
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 dynlayer/demo-smileyface.html DynLayer Extensions [Encapsulate Demo - Smiley Face]
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 dynlayer/dynlayer-clip1.html The Dynamic Layer Object API [Clip Methods Demo]
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 dynlayer/dynlayer-dynlayerinit1.html The Dynamic Layer Object API [DynLayerInit Demo]
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 dynlayer/dynlayer-event3.html The Dynamic Layer Object API [Layer Mouse Events]
not standalone dynlayer/dynlayer-frame1-bottom.html bottom frame
not standalone dynlayer/dynlayer-frame1-top.html top frame
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 dynlayer/dynlayer-frame1.html The Dynamic Layer Object API [Frames Demo]
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 dynlayer/dynlayer-initialization1.html The Dynamic Layer Object API [Initialization Demo]
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 dynlayer/dynlayer-initialization2.html The Dynamic Layer Object API [Initialization Demo, no nestref]
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 dynlayer/dynlayer-methods1.html The Dynamic Layer Object API [Core Methods Demo]
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 dynlayer/dynlayer-mouseevents1.html The Dynamic Layer Object API [Mouse Events]
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 dynlayer/dynlayer-properties1.html The Dynamic Layer Object API [Core Properties & Methods Demo]
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 dynlayer/dynlayer-slide1.html The Dynamic Layer Object API [Slide Methods Demo]
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 dynlayer/dynlayer-slide2.html The Dynamic Layer Object API [onSlide() Handler]
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 dynlayer/dynlayer-write1.html Layer Writing Demo [DynLayer Write Method]
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 dynlayer/glide1.html The Dynamic Layer Object API [Glide Methods Demo]
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 dynlayer/load1.html External Source Files Demo [DynLayer Load Method]
incomplete example dynlayer/mozilla.html The Dynamic Layer Object API [Initialization Demo]
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 dynlayer/wipe1.html The Dynamic Layer Object API [Wipe Methods Demo]
+Gecko|-IE5|+NN4 dynwindow1.html DynWindow Object
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 dynwindow2.html DynWindow Object [with scroll]
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 geometric-circle1.html Circle Object Demo
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 geometric-hover1.html Hover Object Demo
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 geometric-parabola1.html Parabola Object Demo
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 geometric-sinewave1.html SineWave Object Demo
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 gifanim1.html Gif Animation Demo 1
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 images1.html Changing Images Demo 1
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 images2.html Changing Images Demo 2
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 images3.html Changing Images Demo 3
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 liquid1.html Using Browser Width/Height [Liquid Effect]
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 liquid2.html Using Browser Width/Height [Liquid Checker Board]
+Gecko| IE5|+NN4 list1.html List Object Demo 1
+Gecko| IE5|+NN4 list2-multicol.html List Object Demo 2 [Multiple Columns]
+Gecko| IE5|+NN4 list3-custom.html List Object Demo 3 [Customizing]
+Gecko|-IE5|+NN4 list4-props.html List Object Demo 4 [Using The Properties and Methods)
+Gecko| IE5|+NN4 list5-redirect.html List Object Demo 5 [Using onSelect to Redirect the Browser]
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 list6-image.html List Object Demo 5 [Image Option]
-Gecko|-IE5|+NN4 menubar1.html MenuBar
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 menulist1.html MenuList Object 1
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 menulist2.html MenuList Object 2
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 menulist3.html MenuList Object 3
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 mouseevents1.html DynAPI Mouse Events
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 newsticker1.html News Ticker Object Demo 1
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 newsticker2.html News Ticker Object Demo 2
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 path1.html Path Animation Demo
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 pushpanel1.html PushPanel Demo
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 radio1.html Custom Forms [Radio Buttons] Demo 1
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 scroll/demo-external.html Scroll Object Demo (External)
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 scroll/demo-frames.html Scroll Object Demo (Mimicing Frames)
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 scroll/demo-images.html Scroll Object Demo (Images)
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 scroll/demo-inline.html Scroll Object Demo (Inline)
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 scroll/demo-javascript.html Scroll Object Demo (JavaScript in Content Page)
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 scroll/demo-methods.html Scroll Object Demo (Methods)
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 scroll/demo-nested.html Scroll Object Demo (Nested)
+Gecko|-IE5|-NN4 scroll/demo-nestedscroll.html Scroll Object Demo [Nested Scrolls]
+Gecko|-IE5|+NN4 scroll/demo-nonbuffer.html Scroll Object Demo (External, Non-Buffered)
missing script scroll/demo-oldscroll.html Scroll Object Demo (Using the old code)
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 scroll/demo-relative.html Scroll Object Demo (Relative)
+Gecko|-IE5|-NN4 scroll/demo-sublayers-external.html Scroll Object Demo (External Buffered Sub-Layers)
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 scroll/demo-sublayers-inline.html Scroll Object Demo (Inline Sub-Layers)
-Gecko|-IE5|+NN4 scroll/demo-sublayers-nonbuffer.html Scroll Object Demo (External Non-Buffered Sub-Layers)
not standalone scroll/page1.html Page 1
not standalone scroll/page2.html Page 2
not standalone scroll/page3.html Page 3
-Gecko|-IE5|+NN4 scroll2/scroll2-external-multi.html Scroll v2 Demo [external multiple inline blocks]
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 scroll2/scroll2-external.html Scroll v2 Demo [external, vertical/horizontal]
-Gecko|-IE5|+NN4 scroll2/scroll2-frames-nobuffer-page.html Scroll v2 Demo [non-buffered in frames]
-Gecko|-IE5|+NN4 scroll2/scroll2-frames-nobuffer.html Scroll v2 Demo [non-buffered in frames]
-Gecko|-IE5|-NN4 scroll2/scroll2-frames-page.html Scroll v2 Demo [bottom frame]
+Gecko|-IE5|+NN4 scroll2/scroll2-frames.html Scroll v2 Demo [frames]
-Gecko|-IE5|+NN4 scroll2/scroll2-imagesets.html Scroll v2 Demo [Image Sets]
+Gecko| IE5|+NN4 scroll2/scroll2-inline-multi.html Scroll v2 Demo [inline multiple blocks]
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 scroll2/scroll2-inline.html Scroll v2 Demo [inline]
-Gecko|-IE5|-NN4 scroll2/scroll2-nobuffer.html Scroll v2 Demo [non-buffered]
+Gecko| IE5|+NN4 scrollbar-images.html ScrollBar Demo [images]
+Gecko|-IE5|+NN4 scrollbar-methods.html ScrollBar Demo [methods]
+Gecko| IE5|+NN4 scrollbar-simple.html ScrollBar Demo [simple]
Gecko| IE5|+NN4 scrollbar-vh.html ScrollBar Demo [vertical/horizontal]
+Gecko|-IE5|+NN4 scrollbar-zoom.html ScrollBar Demo [zoom]
Gecko| IE5|+NN4 scrolllist1.html ScrollList Object Demo
-Gecko|-IE5|+NN4 scrollwindow/demo-ext-multi.html ScrollWindow Demo [external multiple blocks]
+Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 scrollwindow/demo-external.html ScrollWindow Demo [external]
Gecko|+IE5|+NN4 scrollwindow/demo-inline.html ScrollWindow Demo [inline]
+Gecko| IE5| NN4 scrollwindow/demo-methods.html ScrollWindow Demo [methods]
Gecko| IE5|+NN4 scrollwindow/demo-multi.html ScrollWindow Demo [inline multiple blocks]
Gecko|-IE5|+NN4 selectlist1.html SelectList Object Demo
Gecko|-IE5|+NN4 selectlist2-custom.html SelectList Object Demo
Gecko|-IE5|+NN4 selectlist3-redirect.html SelectList Object Demo
-Gecko|-IE5|+NN4 tabs1.html Tabs Object Demo 1
-Gecko|-IE5|+NN4 tabs2.html Tabs Object Demo 2

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