Netscape 7.01 Rocks!

December 10, 2002

Netscape 7.01 released today in case you haven't heard.

Why should you care? Privacy and Security.

Popup Controls

Popup Controls are now officially part of Netscape 7.01. You can selectively grant or deny sites permission to use unsolicited popup windows. See Edit | Preferences | Privacy & Security | Popup Controls for how to set your preferences to take advantage of this feature.

Once nice bonus I particularly like is the ability to display an icon in the status bar and play a sound whenever a popup window is suppressed. You can click the icon if needed to easily permit a site to use popups if they are needed. I use the sound of breaking glass to signal a popup has been blocked. It is hilarious, you should try it!

Take back your Email from Spammers

Netscape 7.01 protects you, your privacy and your children by allowing you to block the following in email:

Tired of receiving Porn Spam with explicit images? Turn them off in Edit | Preferences | Privacy & Security | Images by checking "Do not load remote images in Mail & Newsgroups".

Don't want spammers to track you using Cookies? Turn them off in Edit | Preferences | Privacy & Security | Cookies by checking "Disable cookies in Mail & Newsgroups".

Don't want spammers to run JavaScript in your email? Turn it off in Edit | Preferences | Advanced | Scripts & Plugins by unchecking "Enable JavaScript for Mail & Newsgroups".

Tired of spammers sending you Flash Animations? Turn them off in in Edit|Preferences|Advanced|Scripts & Plugins by unchecking "Enable Plugins for Mail & Newsgroups".

Of course, if you like Spam and getting hacked you should use some other browser and email client.


Yeah, I do work for Netscape but the opinions expressed here are my own.