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Here you will find articles, source code and examples for:

  • An approach to building web applications using the W3C DOM that is portable between Microsoft's Internet Explorer 5 and Netscape's Mozilla browsers.
  • A style of Javascript Object Oriented programming that supports inheritance
  • A reusable Javascript Test Framework
  • A Javascript implementation of the W3C DOM Core Level 2
  • A Javascript implementation of an XML Parser
  • A Browser Conformance Test for W3C DOM Core Level 2
  • and lot's of code!

It is my hope that not only will web developer's find this site useful and interesting, but that the developers of Internet Explorer and Mozilla will use this as a test site to improve their browsers to the point where the development of web applications is indifferent to the browser hosting them.

While the format of many of the articles is in the form of tutorials, I assume that you are familiar with Object Oriented Programming, Javascript, XML, W3C DOM Levels 1 and 2, as well as Internet Explorer 5 and Mozilla. I try to provide links to additional references whenever possible.

Please feel free to contact me and let me know what you think about this stuff.

I have lot's of code written that I will be adding to the site, but I find it almost as difficult to prepare it for presentation as I do writing it. So, please be patient and come back often.